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Welcome to Lord Dorchester Secondary School, Home of the Beavers! 

Happy New Year!


2019-2020 is a new year.  If you loved your results from last year, keep doing the same things.  If you were disappointed in your results from last year you’re in luck because it’s a new year and you can do things differently and we are here to help, just ask us.

As with all new years, it is time to make a resolution, set some goals and set yourself up for balance and success this year.  One of our school goals is “to create a mentally-healthy culture that builds resiliency and promotes choice” because we know trying to do everything often leads to burnout but it is also important to honour the commitments that you make. Make balance a priority choosing carefully which academics, athletics and clubs you will participate in to keep you happy, healthy and hard-working.    Focus on learning because whether you intend to continue in University, Apprenticeship, College or the World of Work, your ability to use the global competencies will be in demand.  Understanding how to think critically and problem solve, be innovative, collaborate with peers, communicate clearly, learn to learn and ultimately to be a sound global citizen, will serve you well on any pathway.  Building Global Competencies, building in good choices and building resiliency are all part of our school goals this year.

Remember that good students know where to go for help.  There are many adults and students in our building who can point you in the right direction.  Our Beaver staff team including Teachers, Guidance Counsellors, Secretaries and Custodians are all here to help – just ask!

Have a terrific year, Beavers!

Your Administrative Team,

M. Sullivan                                J. Lashbrook-Sherman

Principal                                    Vice-Principal


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