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Welcome to Lord Dorchester Secondary School, Home of the Beavers! 

 Happy New Year, Beavers!  

We are so happy that you have chosen to join us this fall!  Although this will be a different year than you have ever experienced before, 2020-2021 is still full of potential. It’s the opportunity to show us what you’ve got in the academic department while you concentrate on only two credits in a quadmester. You can perfect an old skill and stretch yourself to try something new. Believe in the “growth mindset”. If you’re not there YET it will just take more time and more practice!  Although this isn’t a traditional school year with traditional clubs and traditional athletics, once we get in the swing of things with new regulations we will look into what can be offered. Whatever you do, make a conscious decision to make this year terrific.

Beaver parents and guardians, we also need your help. Secondary school students do need their parents to be involved with the school. Please register on the parent portal so that you can see your child’s attendance and marks and you can stay up to date with announcements from the board and the school.  Also, make sure that we have your current contact information in case of an emergency and so that we can stay in touch. In an effort to “go paperless” we will send out newsletters, make announcements about up-coming events and invite you to parents’ night through e-mail, TWITTER, and the website. Please update your contact information and consider joining us virtually on September 28th at 6 pm for School Council.

Also, students and parents, please think about dressing for success when you shop for new outfits and masks for September. Stay classy, Beavers!  

Take care,

Ms. M. Sullivan          Mrs. J. Lashbrook-Sherman
Principal                     Vice-Principal


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